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Carrying electric vehicles of the future to our time today, HİDROMEK developed HICON VRL (Vision Rotary Loader), the newest member of HICON Family as the concept product.

You can use 100% electrical HICON VRL wheel loader easily, which will provide easier work process, in even narrow places with its 360 degree swing mechanism, forward and backward bi-directional moving and unique maneuverability features.

Concept product HICON VRL is eco-friendly with zero emission. Storing its energy in new generation lithium-ion batteries, HICON VRL works with 97% energy efficiency due to its electrical engine. Having less fuel consumption compared to traditional diesel engine vehicles, HICON VRL achieves savings with lower maintenance cost.


With its 360-degree swivel cabin and boom, and forward and backward bi-directional moving feature, HICON VRL works more easily, more productively and faster compared to traditional wheel loaders. Due to its high mobility, HICON VRL can do the same job with fewer maneuvers; hence, you have time for yourself.

The mobility features HICON VRL has will improve lifetime of parts like tires, powertrain and other components. Having special functional loading capability, HICON VRL can fully transfer its energy to power with high efficiency.


You can move HICON VRL fully bi-directional with the help of its 360 degree Swivel Cabin and Boom. No matter what the current direction is, HICON VRL detects the position of the tires and sets the machine in forward direction automatically, so the machine has an uninterrupted movement which provides ease of use.

It perceives the vehicles behind when they are too close and warns them with its “Environmental Safety System”, which is the first and only in the world specifically developed for HICON.

During traveling, it relays the required following distance on the road with a laser, and enables the driver behind to see the required distance.

It warns the driver behind in case of a sudden brake.

It informs through its rear screen that it has given the right of way to pedestrians. Thus, it provides safety for both pedestrians and other drivers.

HICON shows the working environment with a laser field scanner, and visually informs the people around not to enter the area.

Owing to its “Environment Safety System”, it warns the people around about bad weather conditions through its rear information screen.

Due to its solar panel, it continues informing the people through its rear information screen even in sleep mode with its Safety Sleep Mode.

HICON VRL can easily be charged in 3.5 hours 100% at charging stations, and it is fully charged in 30 minutes through fast charging.


Having spacious cabin design, HICON VRL provides maximum comfort. With the help of control equipment integrated into the seat, with digital display panel, work and travel options, HICON VRL provides smoother and more efficient control.


Operating Weight 5500 kg
Total System Power 47 kW
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 65 kWh
Rated Output 650V
Useful thfe 8 hours (with full battery)
Charging Unit Onboard 22kW
Charging Input CCS Combo 2
CO2 Emission 0 gr/h
Max Travel Speed 30 km/h
Length 3322mm
Width 2127nn
Height 2481mm
Turning Radius 1464mm
Dump Angle 119°
Rack Back Angle 37°
Bucket Capacity 1m³
Steering Electric controlled
4WS, 3 travel modes with fully bi-directional